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BNI & eBNI Champions 2014!
For the 4th BNI in a row (8years) we were crowned the champions. Of the Lambeth Bloody Near Impossiable Compertion. With both our Scout Team finnishing 1st and our Explorer Team finishing 1st and 2nd!.

National Sea Scout Regatta 2014!
The National Sea Scout Regatta is on Saturday 5th July - Sunday 6th July, in Kingston again. As always we expect everyone to come along. For what is always a great weekend. More details and trainning dates out soon.

Cubs WIN District Table Tennis!
On Saturday 1st March 2014, two teams of 4 (8 Cubs) took part in the District Table Tennis compertition against other groups in the district. Each team played in a Singles and a Doubles tounament. Well Done Cubs!

Outdoor Gear Exchange!
We have teamed up with Gift Your Gear to be able to provied our young people with outdoor gear. If you have old outdoor gear that you know longer want, you too can Gift Your Gear! Check out their website.

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